Frequently Asked Questions

What is your booking process?

The booking requires a signed contract and a deposit to be paid.

How long does it take to edit the images?

It usually takes from 4-6 weeks to edit the images for the wedding and about 2 weeks for the engagement gallery

How do I receive my images?

The images will be delivered to you via a private online gallery, sorted out into categories. You can access your gallery from any device and will be able to share, download, and print your images at any time. The gallery will be available to you for 1 year.

Do you edit the images?

Yes, I hand-edit all the images by myself and occasionally have an editing assistant during the high season to make sure the images are delivered in a timely manner.

What does the edit include?

The editing involves:

• Culling the best images, removing duplicates, out of focus and images with blinking eyes and unflattering facial expressions

• Enhancing the color and contrast

• Color correction

• Retouching faces on the closeup images

• Color grading making the gallery look uniform

• I can do an extensive retouching of up to 10 images upon request, such as removing the bags under the eye, hair flies, objects from the pictures.

• I can do compositing as well (replacing the background). In this case, special fees are applied.

I do not apply batch processing and make sure every image or popular filter that would make the images look outdated in a few years.

What quality of images will I get?

You will receive high-resolution quality images that you can take to the lab and print a canvas or even a poster.

Do you make albums?

Yes, I pre-design the album and send you an electronic version which you review and approve. You can order an album with my Supreme Package or you can do it at any time within 3 months after the gallery is delivered.

Do you provide video service?
es, we have an associate videographer in our team and our editing matches the photo editing.
How many pictures will we get?

The number of the images averages at about 60 images per hour, but can vary depending on the day flow.

Can I have raw files?

The raw files are usually not for purchase, the culling process involves removing out of focus, unflattering expressions images, and duplicates. Everything else is preserved and edited. However, on occasion, I may provide RAW images for an additional fee and restrictions.

Where do you live and how far do you travel?

I live in Olney, Maryland, and have no additional mileage fees for up to 100 miles of travel. I charge 1$/mile for anything outside this number.

Do you work with the second photographer?

The second photographer option is available a la carte if you want more pictures or have more than 150 guests and want most of them to be photographed during the cocktail hour.

I have an assistant at most of the weddings whose main mission is helping me with lights and equipment, and who occasionally shoots for me during the reception and the ceremony.

What is your photography style?

In my work I make an emphasis on capturing the moments, however, I do realize that the formal and posed portraits are important as well, so my style is a blend of camera-aware and unscripted moments.

As far as my editing style, I make sure the colors are clean and I am an opponent of applying the popular filters that would make the images look outdated in a few years. So, I do color grading based on the individual image, but making sure all of them look like a series of the same event.

Do you have a shortlist?

I have a shot list in my mind, which can vary depending on your preferences and the day flow.

I do make sure that all the key and best moments are captured and plan ahead. About 1 month prior to the wedding I send a questionnaire to fill in where you provide a list of group shots, details to shoot, and must-haves overall. By my experience, the best moments are unscripted and unpredictable: following the list of shots that you have seen on Pinterest or downloaded from the wedding, the magazine would mean this time will be taken from documenting the authentic moments.

What equipment do you use?

I use 2 Canon pro cameras with 2 memory cards for backup, a number of prime and zoom lenses covering all the focal lengths, and portable studio lights with the stands that we use on many occasions outdoors and always indoors.
My assistant has the third camera for the occasional shooting and backup.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, I have liability insurance, and that I send to the wedding coordinators upon request.

wedding photography near maryland

Olga was amazing. The pictures turned out beautiful and on top of that she was very great to work with. She was very creative and full of ideas. For it being my first ever time having my picture taken professionally she made me feel extremely comfortable. I'll definitely recommend her to anyone looking for not only great pictures but a great experience.




It was exactly what We wanted. A lot of beautiful candid moments: my father saw me in the wedding dress, first look, tears of my parents, when we were at the alter. I am so happy that I found Olga on the Wedding Wire. I will recommend her services to everybody who is looking for the photographer that can capture true emotions.


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