What is personal branding photography?

Branding photography is a special kind of photography that focuses on taking pictures that show what a brand or business is all about. It's not just about showing products or services; it's about telling the story of what the brand believes in. By using good composition, lighting, and pictures that tell a story, branding photography helps create a look and feel that connects with the people the brand wants to reach. It's like showing the special things about a product, the way a company works, or the kind of life the brand represents. This kind of photography helps people recognize and trust a brand more because it tells a clear and exciting story about what the brand stands for.


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    • Client Consultation: We meet and discuss your goals, brand, and vision for the session. We'll discuss the message you want to convey and the types of images you need.
    • Location and Props: Determine the location for the shoot. This could be a studio, outdoor setting, or relevant business space. We'll decide on props or background elements aligning with your brand.
    • Wardrobe: We will go over the outfit choices that reflect your brand style and values. We encourage to plan multiple outfits.
    • Shot List: We will create a moldboard of shots that outlines the different poses, angles, and settings we'll use during the session. This ensures we cover all the necessary shots and helps the session flow smoothly.
    • Lighting Setup: We will decide on the lighting setup that complements the brand's aesthetic. Natural light, artificial lighting, or a combination can all be adequate, depending on the desired mood.

Branding Photo and Video Contact Form

hello and welcome!


I am Olga, a wedding and personal branding photographer/videographer based in Olney, Maryland, for over nine years.

After moving to Maryland 16 years ago, I kept my passion for visual arts and studied film at the New York Institute of Photography.

This year I have launched personal branding photography for small business owners like myself to help them represent themselves at their best on social media.


Olga Gurton Maryland wedding photographer