What to Wear For Your Engagement Session


Stay true to yourself!

When it comes to the engagement session the most important part is to stay true to yourself. The best tips in the world will not help you if, deep down, you don’t feel like they fit you or your personality. Some outfits may look great in photos you see on the internet. But, if you’re not comfortable with it you’re not being yourself, you’re an actor playing a role. That is not what this day is about. It is all about you two and should reflect your style and your personality.

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Start with determining your style.

How do you like to dress? What is your personal style of clothing?
Do you long for styles that are:







Or as it often happens it is a fusion but one style will still be dominant, and other ones will rather be accentuated accessories or details.


If unsure about your personal style, you can try this quiz http://visual-therapy.com/blog/style-type-quiz/


You may prefer a more casual style in everyday life, but love to dress up and be in the spotlight at night. You’re not locked into any one particular style; you can change it up any way you like. The engagement session is a great occasion to show off your best look.


Do not try to copy exact looks you see in magazines and on Instagram, but rather use them for inspiration. You can collect looks you like and “pin” them to a mood board. It’s a great way to save your favorite hair, makeup, clothes, and photoshoot locations, posing all in one place. Then analyze why exactly you loved them, what is common about all of them? If you make a mood board, send it to your photographer to give an idea of what you are looking for.


Dress for your comfort.

When you decide what style you will choose, make sure you are comfortable in these outfits. It’s SO important to be sure that the outfits you wear will be comfortable during the shoot, not only for the weather but also for moving around. Yes, we will move a lot, the movement will provide the most natural poses and expressions, as your brain is too busy to think about how you have that you forget that the camera is around.


Do not wear brand new skinny jeans for the first time on your engagement session. Make sure that bras are not showing over the décolletage, and everything stays in place. We recommend bringing clothes that you have worn at least once before so that you’ll make sure you will be comfortable in them.


If you’re ready to wear a new outfit, wear it on a date before our shoot, it will be easier to sit, run, and move around comfortably without thinking about it all the time. Movement is vital for great photos.



Avoid big, loud patterns on clothing.

The more subtle the pattern is the better! If the design is too loud, it will distract from your faces, making the photos feel a little hectic. Also, keep in mind that some prints can look distorted on camera.

If you choose a print, choose another piece in a solid neutral color to tone it done. If your partner chose a plaid shirt, your outfit should be in solid colors.

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Holyday, sports, or traditional outfits are exceptions and a great idea to emphasize the time of the year or cultural background. But prepare other more neutral outfits in addition.

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Bold solid colors are welcome but should be matching and, used in moderation and toned down by neutral colors and simple fabrics.

Bright bold colors photograph great but make sure it is only one piece of your wardrobe that is in a bold color. For example, a cardigan with a brightly colored scarf or contrasting color shoes with some accessories work well.

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Fabrics that photograph well.

Anything that flows and has movement is great; chiffon, silk chiffon, mousseline, georgette, etc.

For ladies- soft, flowy chiffon and lace dresses are my all times favorite for the engagement session dresses.

For guys- cotton, jeans, slacks, blazers/jackets in non-reflective fabrics, such as cotton, cashmere, wool, linen.

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Avoid black, white, and nude.

Black and white are more appropriate for the wedding (the man can wear a tux, of course, but do not combine it with white dress), but other colors should be worn and you better save black and white for the big day.


Pay attention to the fit.

A waistline that is too tight will be uncomfortable and will detract from the whole look. A popular look is one that accentuates the waist and the neckline.



For guys, I do not recommend wearing a tucked-in shirt, belt, and dress shoes. The look will be unfinished and "officey". You can still be dressed up formally with your shirt tucked in, but put on a jacket (matching or not), that will give your outfit a finished look.



Outfits that work for men are button-down shirts (long or short sleeve) worn untucked with well-fitted pants or slacks and loafers or nice sneakers.

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Fabrics that do not photograph well.


Highly reflective fabrics.

While great for the parties, the shiny thin stretchy fabrics, such as lame tend to show wrinkles and creases and magnify the body's imperfections on the pictures will draw the viewer's attention from what is the most important for the engagement session: YOU TWO.

Fabrics that wrinkle easily.

Yes, editing can remove some flaws but it is a long process and not worth it.

It is not always obvious until we wear them. So, while choosing a new outfit for your engagement session, do a "wrinkling test". Check to see if it wrinkles when you press it in your hand for a minute.

For instance, linen, even though a great comfy fabric for a hot summer day, is a little heavy, does not flow well, and wrinkles easily. It looks nice for the casual shirt, but probably not a great idea for pants, skirts, or dresses at your engagement session.


Leave unnecessary accessories at home and your phones in the car. Put your keys and phones in a small purse and give them to your photographer. Anything carried in your pockets can and will be visible in the photos.

Make sure you took all the rubber bands off your wrists.

Bringing high heel shoes? Bring a pair of flipflops/sandals/sneakers to walk from one location to another.


If you choose to bring more than one outfits, think about how you will be carrying them. The best way to do this is to leave the rest of your stuff in the car, and then come back to change later or bring a friend with you to carry the bags.


Finally, if you have any doubts or questions, contact me and we can collaborate on your engagement session outfit, and always remember about point#1 Stay true to yourself no matter what!