How to Set up Streaming Video on Your Wedding Day: the New Reality of Weddings


While weddings are being postponed or canceled in 2020, couples turned to an alternative to celebrate their love that quickly became a new reality: virtual weddings or weddings with video streaming!


In this new normal, Zoom has quickly become not only one of the top video conferencing apps for those work-from-home meetings but became quite popular among those who decided to tie the knot in an age of social distancing. While gatherings have slowly begun again, many couples are still incorporating the virtual aspect into their big day for those who may not be able to attend in person. In my opinion, the trend will continue even in the post- COVID era.


Below, we’re walking through what you need to know when setting up your video streaming on wedding.

Pick the right time of the day

When you’re initially planning your ceremony time, keep in mind the time zone where your other guests may be attending so it’s not too late or too early. Late afternoon is a great time not only for those in different time zones but also for your photographer to have the best lighting for photos (even if your wedding is virtual, you will still want a photographer present!)


If some cannot attend due to timing, that’s ok! You can always set the video to record and send the video to guests after!


Link the links!

If some (or all) of your guests are attending virtually, ensure you email guests or update your wedding website with the Zoom link and code to allow them access to the video when your big day arrives!



Pick your location

Most venues will have access to WiFi, but if hosting your wedding virtually at home, ensure to hold the ceremony in a place that has a good connection, the last thing that you want is your video cutting in and out during your vows!




Hire outside help

Consider hiring a wedding planner to assist in coordinating your big day and a videographer to help run the Zoom portion of your wedding. As a virtual wedding has a few more moving parts, this will ensure someone is on hand to handle the technicalities and any difficulties shall they arise, plus keep your day stress free!


Gather your gear

There are 2 main routes you can go with: to set up streaming by yourself or use a professional.

In the first case, you need a tripod or stand for your equipment, chargers, additional lighting if needed (such as a ring light), and an iPad or laptop. Assign a family member or a friend responsible for the setup and troubleshooting. If incorporating the virtual aspect into your wedding day, ensure your photographer knows so they can assist in finding the best places to set up the equipment (lighting and angle wise) and position themselves in a place where it won’t block your guests' view!


A professional setup even though can cost you additional fees, will provide your virtual guests a better quality of video and sound, make sure the streaming does not get interrupted due to unreliable public wifi, and the guests can see different angles when a streaming assistant in toggles back and forth between different setups for your ceremony (great when saying your vows!).





Don’t forget to keep your guests on mute

during your ceremony to avoid any interruptions!






If you’re looking to have a virtual wedding or include some of your guests virtually in your big day get in touch, and let’s discuss how we can perfectly capture your big day together!




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