All Truth About Wedding Albums and Books

From the early morning preparations to the evening toasts, your wedding photos allow you to relive that very special day. What could be more amazing than seeing your wedding story in an album that you can hold in your hands and remember the feeling you had back then. Choosing between a wedding book vs. wedding album depends entirely on your needs. There are no right or wrong choices; instead, there are a variety of tastes and items to suit your preferences.



The main difference is in the pages. Wedding books have thin and bendy pages. They are printed on paper like any book, brochure, or magazine. They also can come in different finishes to look smooth and shiny, and are less expensive than creating wedding albums. However, they don’t have that wedding album look and feel. They might not last very long if a lot of people want to look at it.


Wedding albums are substantially more expensive. But, the quality of some of them is absolutely outstanding and well worth the investment. Wedding albums are made from special photographic paper. They are developed using developing processes and technology, similar to 8×10 photo prints.. Also, compared to photo books, wedding album pages show more vibrancy in color. They are more durable and protect against wear and tear. Imagine your children and grandchildren being able to experience the joy of your wedding day.


Availability of Pages
Wedding albums can hold up to a hundred pages, whereas a wedding book can fit more pages. It is because of wedding books’ thin pages. On average, wedding books have a minimum of 20 pages and a maximum of 110 pages, while a wedding album has between 20-40 pages, with 2-5 photographs per page. But you can always have more pages at an additional cost. Also, albums should be to scale with how big the wedding is. For a short and micro wedding, it is understandable if the standard number of pages won’t be followed.

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Covers and Binding

Another big difference between the two is the binding and cover. Wedding album covers can come in leather, luxe leather, linens, or full photo covers, while wedding books come with a lay-flat hardcover, classic hardcover, and Flexi softcover.

Compared to bookbinding, albums are bound with higher-quality materials. If you compare a professional album side-by-side with a photo book, the difference is very clear. Only albums can emphasize the beauty and emotion of your wedding day. So it is important to select a wedding album that could offer durability and resilience to last for generations. Wedding photos are irreplaceable, serving as a record of a once-in-a-lifetime event that could never be duplicated.

Wedding Photo books are usually made in these variations:

1. Softcover - Digitally printed on regular paper and bound with staples

2. Photo cover - Pages are printed on regular paper. A hardcover is typically bound by gluing or stitching.

3. Leatherette cover - A synthetic material that mimics the look and feel of real leather. Book pages are printed on regular paper. Typically bound by gluing or stitching.

4. Genuine Leather cover - Made from natural materials but is the lowest quality of all products made out of real leather. Luxe leather on the other hand offers higher quality and has very few imperfections.

5. Lay flat paper - Uses a different technology to create one continuous sheet of paper for each page spread and high-quality print.

Wedding albums are generally made in these variations:

1. Traditional albums - Photos are printed individually and put on a page with a mat to hold them in place. An easy way to store a huge quantity of photos in one place.

2. Flush Mount Wedding Albums - Photos are printed on special photographic paper and mounted on cardboard, which helps prevent bends and tears. The entire page is a single photographic print that runs over to the edge. The pages lay perfectly flat, resulting in a smooth spread.

3. Album with Flexible Pages - Photo printed pages are glued back to back that creates a magazine-like style yet photographic pages.

4. Covers - These albums typically come with either a photo cover or a true leather cover.

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